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The Virginian Hotel

At the Virginian hotel on Church Street, Bert Bee is not just a friendly face to the guests; he's also a devoted admirer of the delectable native trees adorning the surroundings. 



Bert can't get enough of the enchanting spring blooms of the Redbud tree, and as summer arrives, he revels in the shade of the heart-shaped leaves that become his favorite hangout spot. Here, you'll often find Bert and his sweetheart, Betsy Bee from Point of Honor, sharing sweet moments on these very leaves. They're not alone, though; other curious pollinators join in because this tree is a gracious host to many native pollinators.


Go Native!

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Don't forget to find all 9 Downtown Lynchburg Bees, capture delightful selfies with each, and share photos with us by tagging @lynchburggardenclub and using #beesintheburg.


Happy Hunting!


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