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Our Story

On March 10, 1922, Mrs. Samuel H. Marshall, President of the Albemarle Garden  Club  of Charlottesville,  gave  a  talk  to  the Lynchburg  Women’s  Club  on  “Forming  A Garden  Club.” The idea was so enthusiastically received that on March 29, The Garden Club of Lynchburg was organized by 17 women.

In 1923 a  visiting  committee  from  the Garden Club of Virginia  came  to  “look  us over”  and  invited  The Lynchburg Garden Club  to  join as their 10th member club. In 1952, The Lynchburg Garden Club sponsored Hillside Garden Club for membership in the Garden Club of Virginia.

From its beginnings, The Lynchburg Garden Club has actively pursued the preservation of our historic landscapes and conservation of our natural resources. Currently we maintain gardens at Riverside Park, The Miller-Claytor House, and a native pollinator garden on the 501-Expressway at Graves Mill Road.


Note: Minutes and archival records of The Lynchburg Garden Club are housed at the Jones Memorial Library.

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