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The Bluffwalk

Embark on an enchanting journey with Bea Bee, the adventurous pollinator, as she explores the blooming wonders of the Bluffwalk. 



Bea can't resist the allure of the American Dogwood, a fragrant haven that acts like a magnet for moths and butterflies. Its intoxicating aroma beckons these delicate creatures, providing them with a lifeline during times of scarcity. As Bea hovers around the blossoms, she marvels at the vital role this early bloomer plays in sustaining her and her fellow pollinator pals.

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Go Native!

Thank you for your interest in our Bee Project.

For further details on becoming a conservationist or actively participating in our mission to support native plants and pollinators, we encourage you to explore our website at

Don't forget to find all 9 Downtown Lynchburg Bees, capture delightful selfies with each, and share photos with us by tagging @lynchburggardenclub and using #beesintheburg.


Happy Hunting!


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Where else will you search for bees in Lynchburg?

Sponsored by the Lynchburg Garden Club and Lynchburg Parks & Rec, a proud member of Bee City USA

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