The Miller-Claytor House Garden Project


The   Lynchburg   Garden   Club’s   connection   to   the   Miller-Claytor House dates back to 1936 when the club decided to take on the development of a garden and asked the renowned Richmond landscape architect Charles F. Gillette to design the plan. The garden was planted in 1940 and lovingly cared for by the Garden Club members.


Some ten years later, the garden was restored to its original 18th century design. In 1947, in recognition of their on-going care of the Miller-Claytor Garden, The Lynchburg Garden Club received the Massie Medal for Distinguished Achievement, the oldest and most prestigious award given by The Garden Club of Virginia.  In 2012, The Lynchburg Garden Club won The Commonwealth Award, which will allow the club to continue to care for the Miller-Claytor House Garden. 


Today, more than 70 years since it was conceived, the Miller-Claytor Garden remains an on-going project of The Lynchburg Garden Club. It serves as a tribute to those members who originally planned and planted the garden, and to those who have nurtured it through the years.

Projects of the Lynchburg Garden Club

1922 – 2019


Peakland Area Sugar Maple Plantings (c. 1927)


Hollins Mill Road Plantings (c. 1927)


Monument Terrace Landscape Plantings (c. 1930)


Amherst Road to Sweet Briar Three Year Planting Plan (c. 1935)


Route  501  (6  miles  between  Peakland  and  Locke’s  Mountain)

Planting of 1400 Dogwoods (c. 1935)


Miller-Claytor House Garden Design and Maintenance (c. 1940)


Mary’s Garden at Randolph-Macon Woman’s  College, Design


Elizabeth Johnson Memorial Garden at Virginia Baptist Hospital Design and Maintenance (c. 1966)


Point of Honor Maintenance with Hillside Garden Club (1978)


Operation:  Plant-A-Tree Recycling Program: Over 3,000 Trees Planted with Proceeds (1981-1990)


Gateway Project (1986)


Miller-Claytor Garden Restoration to Original 1937 Garden Plan (1990)


Gateway Inn Garden Planting as Co-Project with Lynchburg Rotary Club (1992)


Cabell Street Park (1994)


Riverside Park Entrance New Signage and Landscaping (2003)


Riverside Park History & Master Planning (2004-2010 )


Riverside Park Landscaping of Stone Gazebo (2010-2011)


Miller Claytor Garden—Added a Stone Patio (2011-2012)

2020 State Park Initiative: Holiday Lake "Beneath the Surface" (2018)

Sustainers Peakland Place Sugar Maple Re-Plantings (2019)

Centennial Project - Wards Road Gateway (2019)