On March 10, 1922 Mrs. Samuel H. Marshall, President of the Albemarle Garden  Club  of  Charlottesville,  gave  a  talk  to  the Lynchburg  Women’s  Club  on  “Forming  A  Garden  Club.” The idea was so enthusiastically received that on March 29, The Garden Club of Lynchburg was organized by 17 women. Immediately, plans were made for an Iris Show to be held on May 11, 1922.


From that day on, members have been involved with flower shows, in the early days sponsoring as many as three or four each year. Emphasis was also placed on gardening, raising flowers, landscaping and horticulture. Most members  “specialized” in

a particular  plant  and  took  pleasure  in  sharing  it  with other club members.


Miss Josephine Kinnier was the first president, 1922-23. She was an iris lover, and rumor has it that she had 39 varieties and won many awards with them. She also took pride in her daffodils and ordered her bulbs from Australia. During Miss  Kinnier’s presidency,  a  visiting  committee  from  the  Garden Club of Virginia  came  to  “look  us  over”  and  invited  The Lynchburg Garden Club  to  join as their 10th member club. In 1952, The Lynchburg Garden Club sponsored Hillside Garden Club for membership in the Garden

Club of Virginia.

From its beginnings, The Lynchburg Garden Club has contributed to the quality of life in our community by providing beautiful gardens, lovely homes, leadership in community beautification, conservation and those qualities of graciousness that are part of a cultured community.  We are proud that our members have always been active and eager to learn, participate and share

their talents, knowledge and enthusiasm with others.

Note: Minutes and archival records of The Lynchburg Garden Club are housed at the Jones Memorial Library.