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The Lynchburg Garden Club Foundation


The Foundation was organized exclusively for charitable, civic and educational purposes with an emphasis on community projects in the City of Lynchburg.  The Foundation donates $500 per year to the Club’s budget to help defray the expenses of sending the President and a Delegate to the Garden Club of Virginia Annual Meeting and the Board of Governor’s Meeting.


The fiscal year of the Foundation is May 1 to April 30.

The Board of Directors of The Lynchburg Garden Club Foundation



Mary Byrd Denham


First Vice President

Jenny Tugman

Second Vice President

Bette Bibee


Carter Bendall


Recording Secretary

Carol Day

The Trustees who currently administer the Lynchburg Garden Club Endowment Fund are: 

Mrs. Michael J. Madden

Mrs. Gorham B. Wood

Mrs. W. Randolph Nexsen

Mrs. Claiborne W. Craddock II

Mrs. Judson H. Dalton

Mrs. Robert J. Bibee


Members who have contributed $1000 or more to the Endowment Fund since it was created in 1984:


Mrs. Monroe G. Baldwin, Jr.                    

Mrs. G. Everett Bond*                              

Mrs. Frank G. Davidson, Jr.*                    

Mrs. Trudy Braun Davidson                    

Mrs. Elizabeth M Forsyth*                       

Mrs. J. A. Gilchrist, Jr.*                         

Mrs. Powell Glass, Jr.*                            

Mrs. Lewis B. Goode, Jr.                         

Mrs. John J. Halpin                                 

Mrs. Stuart H. Harris, Jr.                          

Mrs. William E. Hunt, Jr.

Mrs. George A. Hurt

Mrs. William H. Loyd, Jr.*

Mrs. Michael J. Madden

Mrs. Shirley W. Noell*

Mrs. Clunet H. Pettyjohn, Jr.*

Mrs. Eric J. Sorenson

Mrs. William M. Walker

Mrs. T. Ashby Watts, III

Mrs. James A. Wiltshire, Jr.*     

Mrs. Robert C. Wood, III



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