Garden Club of Virginia Awards presented to the Lynchburg Garden Club

Garden Club of Virginia Awards:


2017: Mrs. Edwin N. James (Heidi) for removal of Treasure Island Bridge from James River:  de Lacy Gray Conservation Medal


2012: Lynchburg Garden Club for Miller Claytor Garden Patio:  Commonwealth Award 


2010: Mrs. Robert C. Wood III (Mina) for Meritorious Service; Massie Medal


1995: Mr. T. Ashby Watts for LEAF Project:  Dugdale Award 


1990: Lynchburg Garden Club for Operation Plant-a-Tree:  de Lacy Gray Conservation Award


1947: Lynchburg Garden Club for Miller Claytor Garden:  Massie Award 

GCV Flower Show Awards:


2016: Virginia Ewers Queitzsch Memorial Bowl, Joyce Moorman

2010: Mrs. Michael F. Moorman (Joyce); The Elizabeth A.M. Booker Award


GCV Horticulture Award of Merit Recipients:

Mrs. William O. Bristow, Jr.

Mrs. George Flippin, Jr.(Perkins)

Mrs. Robert W. Massie III (Susie)

Mrs. James A. Piggott (Toni)

Mrs. Robert C. Wood III (Mina)

Mrs. Richard T. Morgan (Foxie)

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